A Fresh Dynamic Perspective on Investing

Elevate your investments with a never-seen-before customized, dynamic portfolio that keeps up with the market
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Our Ideal Customer

If you relate to any of these personas, chances are we can help you build your wealth
Megha who is invested only in Mutual Funds
Megha, an IT professional, with 5 years of experience has multiple Mutual Fund SIPs and thinks she is earning good returns. However, she is missing on many opportunities to boost her portfolio.
Dhruv, who wants complete control over his investments
Dhruv, an entrepreneur, wants to create his portfolio from scratch based on his varied interests and risk appetite. No predefined baskets, no sector based investing.
Rahul, who is not happy with his current investments
Rahul, a recent graduate, just started earning money and is investing based on finfluencers and online experts. However, he is not happy with his current returns.
Divya who is new to the world of investing
Diya has always wanted to start investing but can't seem to find the time and is scared. She wants to be handheld and taught and taken along the journey.

Why Thryve?

With our innovative dynamic approach to investing, we help you create wealth portfolios that are current and relevant at all times
Adapt with market trends
Keep up with the market changes effortlessly. We are like a chameleon for your investments always adjusting along with the market

How does it work?

We follow a personalised investment approach. We understand who you are and then offer tailored investment recommendations to help make the most of your money. This ensures that you are not overloaded with choices and can be guided on exactly what needs to be done.
First we understand who you are as an individual
Who you are, what your goals are, what is your current financial situation, what your preferences are and so on.
Then we build your initial portfolio
After understanding who you are, we build a customised portfolio of shares for you from scratch based on how much we think you should start investing with.
We help you understand what is happening with your money
We believe data is king. We tell you what's happening with your money now, what could have happened, and what is likely to happen.
Finally, we ensure your money is growing
Investing is not a one-time activity. We help you build healthy investing habits to ensure your hard earned-money is working equally hard for you.

Our Pricing Policy

We charge an annual management fee of 1.5%.
Invested amount
20% Profits
We will try and explain the scenario a little bit over here to further clarify
150/monthly mgmt. fee
Scenario break up
Gross profit/loss
Total value
Yearly charges
Net value
Net growth
We will try and explain the scenario a little bit over here to further clarify
125/monthly mgmt. fee
Scenario break up
Gross profit/loss
Total value
Yearly charges
Net value
Net growth
20% Loss
We will try and explain the scenario a little bit over here to further clarify
100/monthly mgmt. fee
Scenario break up
Gross profit/loss
Total value
Yearly charges
Net value
Net growth